Subharti University

SUBHARTI IS A MISSION OF SERVICE It is committed to provide basic necessities of life such as healthcare and education to everyone without any bar of caste, creed, religion or any other man made factors, by establishing schools, colleges, hospitals, ashrams and Service Centers. SUBHARTI IS A REVOLUTION OF LOVE AND SACRIFICE.It aims to bring people together by removing hatred, spreading love, building up of moral & national character and extending service to mankind so as to make the dream of ˜VASUDHAIV KUTUMABKAM come true. Social reformation by the formation of casteless society, removal of communalism terrorism are its major objectives. SUBHARTI IS AN EXPRESSION OF GRATITUDE to those who sacrificed their lives for the cause of humanity, equality and independence of our country, thus committing itself to NATIONAL INTEGRATION AND AWAKENING. That is why this University has been named after one of the most illustrious sons of India- Swami Vivekanand. SUBHARTI IS AN ASPIRATION OF MATERIALIZING:

Eligibilty :-

Graduation / Post Graduation with 50% Marks.


(1)- 10th / 12th Mark Sheet & Certificate
(2)- UG Mark Sheet
(3)- PG Mark sheet (If applicable)
(4)- Original Migration Certificate as per requirement
(5)- Five Passports Size Photos
(6)- ID Proof (anyone)
(7)- Duration of B.Ed. Course: 2 year

Admission and Support strong :-

Admission we will process you application and will do the whole process on behalf of you to get your admission done. We will keep you updated and support you throughout the course. We are proud to say that Admission has 100% customer satisfaction record till date.

Sai Admission offers a number of value added services to their enrolled students. Some of them are:

1. Study Material
2. Consultation & Counselling
3. Practical File Assistance
4. FULL Support
• Complete service throughout the course (2 years)
• Dedicated team for excellent service


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